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This is our goal

95-100% plastic 
reduction, renewable
and recyclable and
ready for the future.

Discover the unique features

A topseal tray made of board that can be produced on a conical tray gluing machine.
A tray that can be topsealed on a regular topsealer.

The unique and patented folding system keeps the seal flanks down and continues tense on the lidding film

Water Resistant Boards and Coatings

A wide range of solid board grades and barrier coatings available.

High Quality Bespoke Printing

Optimal presentation and product recognition for your consumer

Webbed Corners Available
Products with small amounts of liquid can be catered for.

Air Ventilation

Air ventilation holes are available for fruit products, in order for them to breathe. This can be easily made in all corners, site walls and bottom

This is stackpack.





Stackpack is the first carton topseal tray that gives tension on the lidding film to create a firm carton tray with light material. It results in a good-looking tray that can be stacked during transport and in the shops. This compostable and recyclable tray can be topsealed with lidding film, cellulose net or paper. Stackpack is a system that can be placed in-line and off-line. The octagonal version can be implemented without any investments and due to the light material one of the cheapest carton solutions in the market.

Keep your

product fresh

& undamaged.

Stackpack is produced with virgin, renewable, reclycled or even agri-waste cardboard which will withstand a complex supply chain and keep your product fresh and undamaged.


Stackpack can easily be recycled by reprocessing in a mill, where the fibres are separated. The recovered fibre can be used to produce new Stackpack trays or other carton board products.

Lots of
packed in
one tray.

this is how we benefit the market

  • Sturdiness and rigidity: Advanced technology to withstand a complex supply chain.
  • Opportunity for Branding: Good product visibility and premium printed surface.
  • Runs on existing packing and top sealing lines.
  • Relatively low-cost entry to market.
  • Reduced spoilage and waste: Ensures product arrives in optimal condition.



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