All packed in our tray

Our adhesives are environmentally
friendly and made of natural

At Work.

All packed in our tray

As an product based on the renewable resource of the forest, Stackpack has an unique advantage as a packaging material. It can claim that the raw material derived from sustainably managed forest captures and stores carbon, that Stackpack in use continue to store carbon, and that recycling stackpack keeps the carbon locked up and prevents it from returning to the atmosphere.

Lidding Film

Lidding film can me made from PE, PET with cardboard adhesive, PLA or cellulose film (compostable) or even paper. Stackpack is 100 % plastic free. The lidding film will not leave plastic on the trays and is mostly less than 3 % of the total topsealed product.


Stackpack is suitable for dry, wet and fatty products. Stackpack is currently used for tomatoes, soft fruit, dates and herbs.

Inline Solutions

The current Stackpack machine is an off-line machine. At the moment we are developing a simple inline solution with a speed of 3000 – 4000 packs an hour. Enough trays to feed a high speed topseal line.

Innovative Design

Patented double lip design provides compression strength, allowing packs to be stacked in multiple layers without damage to produce.

Industry standard
firm sealing

Webbed corners

High quality
bespoke printing


Water resistant
boards and coatings


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