Lidding Materials.


Traditional Lidding Film

The film needs an adhesive for cardboard. A mono PET with heat-seal coating is the best option because it is still a mono material and very thin.

Compostable Lidding Film

This cellulose based film is certified as compostable in both industrial and home composting environments. It has excellent transparency and is based on renewable raw materials.

Reclosable Lidding Film

This lidding film has a reclosable label that delaminates from the film. The label stays sticky and can be closed again repeatedly.

Paper Lidding

The semi transparency paper with water-based lacquer makes your tray 100% paper-based in total.

Net Lidding

This net is based on viscose with heat sealable lacquer. There is no plastic in the net and the weight is less than 3% so the total tray. In this case it is all paper waste.

Innovative Design

Patented double lip design provides compression strength, allowing packs to be stacked in multiple layers without damage to produce.

Industry standard
firm sealing

Webbed corners

High quality
bespoke printing


Water resistant
boards and coatings


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